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We are a global advisory company dedicated to the luxury industry. We support established luxury brands just as start-ups to understand key trends and get ready for the future of luxury. We decipher a luxury brand’s code to sharpen their business model, positioning, offering, and marketing strategies and take the brand to the next higher level.

As we believe in collaboration, we connect key stakeholders in- and outside the luxury industry for projects or long-term commitments. Particularly, we work closely with our clients, mostly C-level and founders, on their journey to a more innovative, collaborative, and responsible today and tomorrow.


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At CODE \ LUXE, we have the strong belief that every luxury brand needs its own code to evince its relevance and mystical aura. Yet, to tap into the minds and hearts of discerned and younger consumers, a luxury brand’s strategy is no longer just about well-designed, expensive products or services, and a symbolic value.

Just as the code of exclusivity is changing, the luxury code of the future needs different elements as more purpose and added value for the society and environment. This is why Dr. Julia Riedmeier founded CODE \ LUXE.


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1. LUXURY MARKET RESEARCH & TRENDSCOUTING \ We generate rich insights to understand the luxury brand’s status quo, consumer behavior and product/service preferences. We know that luxury market research needs a different approach –  thanks to our valuable network, we can count on visionaries or rather unaccessible personalities. Additionally, thanks to constant international travels and participation in diverse leading (soemtimes niche) conferences, we capture trends when they emerge.

2. LUXURY STRATEGY CONSULTING & ADVISORY \ We develop go-to-market strategies, create meaningful brand strategies, and tackle the codes of the business model of the future, e.g. in terms of products and services, marketing or distribution. We elevate customer journeys and decipher the needs and profiles of mysterious luxury clients.

3. BUSINESS MATCHMAKING \ Due to our strong and unique international network in the luxury industry, we connect the right people or brands – from companies, industry leaders to future talents. Whether for partnerships, sponsorships, or job positions. Become part of COLLECTIVE \ LUXE.


CODE \ LUXE luxury advisory – yachting, automotive, jewelry and watches, Julia Riedmeier, Munich, Monaco


CODE LUXE is a luxury consultancy with a dedicated expertise in market research, strategy consulting. Core industries are automotive, interior, jewelry and watches, yachting. With a strong focus on UHNWIs. Based in Munich and Monaco. Founded by Dr. Julia Riedmeier.


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Fashion Code Luxe


CODE LUXE is a luxury consultancy with a dedicated expertise in market research, strategy consulting. Core industries are automotive, interior, jewelry and watches, yachting. With a strong focus on UHNWIs. Based in Munich and Monaco. Founded by Dr. Julia Riedmeier.


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We believe that the best-curated mix of people makes the difference for each project – to act agile in a dynamic environment and to elevate the result for all stakeholders involved.

What we all have in common is dedicated expertise in a specific field of luxury, a sensitivity to understand and cater to the needs of UHNWIs, and the drive to go on a brand-sharpening journey to really make an impact. Each of our collaborators is C-level and often a founder, as well.

Contact us and discover our global network of experts and collaborators in fields such as Metaverse, culture, UHNWI.

"At CODE \ LUXE, we are dedicated to the future of luxury, in which innovation and impact are key. Our studies continuously contribute to the industry to bring positive change. We are very well connected across industries and academia – being in constant exchange with business leaders and Gen Z students. Not many luxury professionals possess the refined understanding of all luxury worlds and codes, also from a management and academic perspective. And this is where we tap in."
CODE \ LUXE luxury advisory – yachting, automotive, jewelry and watches, Julia Riedmeier, Munich, Monaco
Dr. Julia Riedmeier
Founder & CEO


Depending on the project, we cooperate with experts, a Gen Y/Z Think Tank or renowned specialist partners.

CODE \ LUXE is a proud signatory member of "Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting"


CODE \ LUXE is affiliated with academic institutions and initiatives:
As an affiliate professor at the International University of Monaco (IUM) Dr. Julia Riedmeier lectures among others Market Research, Luxury Brand Strategy, Luxury Marketing, Omnichannel Strategy. She holds the module leadership of the business concentration Luxury Brand Management at Munich Business School (MBS) and regularly initiates her Luxury Insight Talks.

Further, she is a jury member of the business plan competition The Mark Challenge, a think tank member at Haus von Eden (HvE), a board member of YPY Monaco, an advisory board member and editor at “Robb Report Monaco & Côte d’Azur“.

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CODE \ LUXE luxury advisory – yachting, automotive, jewelry and watches, Julia Riedmeier, Munich, Monaco


CODE \ LUXE luxury advisory – yachting, automotive, jewelry and watches, Julia Riedmeier, Munich, Monaco


CODE \ LUXE luxury advisory – yachting, automotive, jewelry and watches, Julia Riedmeier, Munich, Monaco


Jeweler of the future


Code Luxe


CODE \ LUXE luxury advisory – yachting, automotive, jewelry and watches, Julia Riedmeier, Munich, Monaco



For CODE \ LUXE, luxury must always be responsible and ahead. Otherwise, it is lavishness. Contemporary luxury brands need to make an impact. They need to leave the world better than it was to add value to society, the environment, and the economy.

Whether traditional or nouveau luxe: the elements of wellbeing, sustainability, co-creation must be visible in all perspectives. It is not an either-or.

To unleash the power of luxury, it requires the harmonious interplay of opposites to ignite innovation, drive strategic thinking, and unlock endless possibilities. Our approach and success formula thrives on the synergy of those complementing opposites:

= [(Academia + Industry) + (Strategy + Operation) + (Analytics + Magic)]


From a one-shot call regarding your future to a specific challenge where you want immediate advice to long-term strategic projects. All our clients have privileged access to the COLLECTIVE \ LUXE community and benefits.

LIGHT \ Elevate your CAREER in the luxury industry.
Coaching & Mentoring. Insights into how to enter the industry or current open opportunities.

BRIGHT \ SPEED ADVISORY for a current project or concept.
Brainstorming and -picking. Sounding board for ideas and insights into elevating your brand.

SHINE \ Take your BUSINESS to the next level.
Strategy advisory on a project basis – medium- to long-term – or new PR strategies.

RISE \ Take your AUDIENCE to the next level.
From executive education, keynotes, panel discussions to talk formats.

CODE LUXE is a luxury consultancy with a dedicated expertise in market research, strategy consulting. Core industries are automotive, interior, jewelry and watches, yachting. With a strong focus on UHNWIs. Based in Munich and Monaco. Founded by Dr. Julia Riedmeier.

Let us connect, challenge, co-create, and walk into a bold future!

Our aim is to support brands and start-ups of the luxury industry in marking their position in the market, to lead the path towards a sustainable future of the luxury industry, and to connect professionals and brands.

The task:
Multilevel digital program for the global dealership network of an international Italian luxury automotive brand.

The solution: Based on the brand codes and international strategies, development, implementation, and execution of the first-time digital learning journey for the global dealership network (North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific) to improve their digital strategy and footprint, and to manifest thought leadership also in the digital space.

The impact: Maximized impact of dealers’ digital footprint, increased digital client engagement and prospect generation, increased sales.

The project partner: OKTAVE


The task: Digital communication strategy for the leading luxury hotel network in the DACH region.

The solution: Based on the execution of benchmark and best-practice analysis, development of digital communication strategy, just as sparring for its roll-out and core strategic business activities.

The impact: Increased visibility and brand awareness, increased sales for the leading conference in Switzerland.


The task: Conceptualization, development, and roll-out of the own-established Next Level initiative for leading German luxury jewelers.

The solution: Based on the four key business pillars – brand, clients, digital, sales – and our established neo luxury concept, development and roll-out of a unique, first-of-its-kind long-term initiative (webinars, live workshops, individual consulting and coaching sessions) for leading jewelers in Germany, who want to take their business to the next higher level and make it future-ready and -proof for the next generations.

The impact: Improved brand positioning, maximized client satisfaction, increased leads and sales, enhanced client experience online and offline.

The project partner: KEYLENS, German Finest


The task: Go-to-market strategy for an electric boating company.

The solution: Based on the brand codes and international strategies, development and implementation of a go-to-market strategy for the DACH region to enter this market.

The impact: Created and increased brand awareness, generated first leads.

The project partner: undisclosed


The task: Interior project for new-build yacht.

The solution: Based on the interior design codes and styles of the owner and design team, identification and selection of the best suitable manufacturers and interior objects for dedicated interior accessories.

The impact: Peace of mind and wellbeing for the UHNW client. Manifestation of a (new) segment for German, French, Italian luxury manufacturers.

The project partner: undisclosed


Aemster Logo
Aemster is the leading brand in innovative technology for scent systems, aroma diffusers, and scent marketing. Based in Amsterdam, the team is dedicated to enhancing daily life through the power of scent. With a focus on technology and sustainability, Aemster offers a range of high-quality products to suit the tastes of those who appreciate the finer things in life, seek adventure, and value luxury.

The founders of Aemster have a fascinating vision — capturing scents from particular places around the world and bringing them to life with their unique scent oils for interior diffusers. Go on a mind travelling journey not only with their scents, but also with their unique names like: Affluent Atrium, Bondi Bergamot, Incens Moon.

We are definitely in love with the uniqueness, aesthetics, and creativity. That’s why we teamed up.

Find out more: www.aemster.com

As the first platform for sustainable luxury in the DACH region, Haus von Eden positions itself as a reliable access point for valuable knowledge around sustainable design & lifestyle. 

The mission is put into practice by exclusively presenting ethically operating companies based on binding standards of sustainability, circular economy, philanthropy as well as innovation. Conscious consumers can thus take responsible purchasing decisions without sacrificing on quality & aesthetics.

IMARK is an Innsbruck-based consultancy with international scope, which supports organisations in their strategic development and facilitate decision-making via participative group processes and tailor-made market research.

With 20 years of experience in strategy development and implementation, and excellence in market research, IMARK stands for: Close working relationship with clients and client-driven processes, state-of-the-art methodology and guaranteed quality.

OKTAVE is a Swiss agency, active worldwide, expert in transforming behaviors in exceptional brands who are convinced by the power of their front line teams in leveraging their business. Founded by Frederik Schreve.

The way OKTAVE supports this transformation is by acting as an accelerator of behavior transformation by designing and implementing transformational strategies, and by re-imagining and rolling-out great transformational learning experiences.

Today, OKTAVE works globally with luxury retail and also with prestige hospitality and high-end service industry brands.

The MONACO YACHTING CAPITAL approach has been launched in 2012, under the leadership of the Yacht Club of Monaco. Raising awareness among local players and followed by concrete actions, this approach has come to be obvious for the attractiveness of the Principality. 

Ten years later, facing more than ever the urgency for the preservation of the oceans, it takes a new turn and becomes MONACO CAPITAL OF ADVANCED YACHTING to think, create and support a responsible yachting, both environmentally, socially, educationally, and economically.

Find out more: https://monacocapitalyachting.com/

Pages: 64
Language: German
Authors: Dr. Jörg Meurer (KEYLENS, a prophet company) & Dr. Julia Riedmeier (CODE \ LUXE)

1) The 6 neo luxury trends
2) The luxury watches & jewelry market
3) D2C
4) The 5 luxury consumer generations
5) The 5 main distribution channels
6) The 6 business types for jewelers
7) Key management implications

Price: 120 € + shipping

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Frederik Schreve

Frederik is a senior business executive with extensive experience in international hospitality and luxury retail. Founder and CEO of Oktave, he applies a thoughtful, analytical and strategic approach to global learning and development solutions, that create growth and transformation. Recognized as a global expert in consulting for B2B and B2C brands, he finds his inspiration and work philosophy in music, which he infuses in his company culture and relationships.

Dr. Maria Kreuzer

Maria is a consultant in the field of strategic branding, brand positioning, and qualitative market research. Based on in-depth insights, she supports B2C and B2B companies to design and to implement their future strategy, and to align their strategic focus with stakeholder expectations and market developments. Maria finds inspiration for her work in nature, especially in riding the perfect lines in fresh powder in the Austrian backcountry.

Julia is an internationally sought-after strategy consultant, researcher, and lecturer/adjunct professor in luxury brand management. She has lived in Berlin or Shanghai, worked for Hermès in retail and communication, and researched on future luxury strategies. Julia enjoys working for international luxury brands and start-ups and is driven by going off the beaten track, and pursuing excellence in all endeavors. Above all, she strongly believes in the power of co-creation in the luxury business. That's why she founded CODE \ LUXE.

Bringing luxury professionals and their brands to the next higher level, just as bringing positive change to the industry, is her source of inspiration and motivation.​


KEYLENS is a strategy consultancy. Founded in 2000, we work for German and international medium-sized companies, SMEs and hidden champions. With expertise in positioning, growth, transformation, digitalization and efficiency, we start with the big picture and support our clients all the way on their journey. 
Our passion for people, communication and change is as great as our passion for analytics, ideas and concepts. It is this duality that defines us at our core.
For us, this is the definition of modern, “end to end” strategy consulting.